Rejection Types

When your feed is processed, a run report is generated which contains the status of each listing.

The report contains detailed information on whether a listing was parsed successfully or rejected because required information is missing or incorrect. The following list of rejection codes are used in the report to identify the exact issue so that it can be fixed. 



Glossary of Listing Rejection Codes

Rejection Codes Description
Listing Type Not Allowed The listing type syndicated is other than a rental.  (Note: This can be rejected too if the tag is missing or it is blank.)
Property Type Not Allowed The property type has either been omitted or is not valid according to your feed format; "Unspecified" is not an acceptable rental property type.
No Contact Info Listings must have full contact information (Required fields are: Name, Email and Phone Number).
Fake Contact Phone The provided telephone number is fictitious. 
Listing Area Code Not Allowed The area code used in the phone number is not a valid US area code.  (Note: We do not accept Canadian phone numbers)
Missing Required Address Info A complete address is required (Street, City, State and Zip).  If privacy/safety is of concern, we have the option to hide the address.
Listing No Model Bedroom, bathroom and price are missing for the listing.
Listing Models No Bedroom Info The number of bedroom(s) is required.  (Note: If it is a studio, use 0 for the number of bedrooms.)
No Searchable Model No units available for the listing.
Price Outside Range For Type Price of the rental is outside of the reasonable range for the rental market.  (Note: This may happen sometimes when a for sale listing is incorrectly syndicated to us as a rental.  If the price of the rental is correct but rejected for this reason, please contact
Duplicate of Another Listing in this Feed Another listing within the feed has the same address.
For Sale Not Allowed The Listing type syndicated to us is marked as 'For Sale.'  HotPads processes only the rental data.