How do I report a listing?

Although HotPads has several mechanisms in place to identify and block low quality or inaccurate listings, often the best information comes directly from our community.

The fastest and easiest way to notify us about an old, inaccurate, or potentially fraudulent listing is to click the "Report Listing" icon. This red icon is located in the top right corner of every property listed on HotPads.

The pop-up window allows you to tell us why you believe the listing should be removed. Simply select the option that describes the problem best, such as "scam/fraudulent listing" or "no longer available." HotPads staff will then look at the report and remove all listings that violate our terms of service.


If the listing has not been removed within 24 hours and you are still concerned, please reach out to us directly with the full address of the property by clicking the "Submit a Request" link at the top of the page or at the bottom of this article.

Please also make sure to consult our "Avoid Housing Scams" guide, which provides important tips about identifying and avoiding fraudulent listings.

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