HotPads listing tools are moving to Zillow Rental Manager

The HotPads landlord tools you rely on are moving to Zillow. Managing your listings on Zillow Rental Manager is easy. We partnered with them to automatically migrate your data. Make sure to create a Zillow account or log in to Zillow using the same email address as your HotPads account.

You will have the same tools you depend on as well as the access to screen renters online including background checks and credit reports, and the option to collect rent payments directly through your Zillow account.


How do I access my HotPads listings in Zillow?

If your Zillow account matches your HotPads email, you simply need to login and navigate to Zillow Rental Manager.   

If you do not have a Zillow account yet, you will need to register for your account and make sure that the email matches the email on your HotPads account.  Your listings will be migrated over automatically.


I already had a Zillow account with the same email username as my HotPads account.

Great! Your listings from HotPads have already been added to your Zillow Rental Manager account.


How do I access Zillow Rental Manager?

You can access Zillow Rental Manager in several ways:


Why can’t I see my listings in Zillow Rental Manager?

Please double check that you are logged into Zillow with the same email as your HotPads account.  If you still do not see your listings, please contact support at and include the address of one of your listings and the emails used for your HotPads and Zillow accounts.


Will my listing still be syndicated to all of the partner sites?  

Yes, listings will still be distributed to Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads.


What is the benefit to listing my properties with Zillow Rental Manager?

With Zillow Rental Manager, you’ll still receive the same benefits of posting your listing once, and distributing it across the entire Zillow Rental Network. In addition, you receive access to Zillow’s suite of free rental management tools including tenant screening, online leases (currently available in select locations) and online payments.

How do I access tenant screening?

Your listings will now have an applications section, simply select that to get started.  For additional information about our tenant screening service please view our Rental Application FAQ


How do I start collecting rent with Zillow?

Your listings will now have a payments section, simply select that to get started.  For additional information about our tenant screening service please view our Online Rent Payments FAQ


My Zillow account uses a different email address than my HotPads account.  

In order to migrate your listings, the Zillow team is matching them to the matching HotPads email for security.  Please create a Zillow account under the email matching your HotPads account and our support team can help you consolidate the accounts. You can reach the team at


Agents and Property Managers:

I have a Zillow professional profile (e.g., Real Estate Agent) and I’m a landlord. Why can I only choose one? You can have one profile type and up to four Specialties. You can indicate Specialties, such as Property Management or Landlord, by going to My Zillow > Profile > Edit and checking the appropriate boxes.


Will I be able to have reviews on my Zillow Property Manager profile?  



How can renters search for property managers (access the property manager directory)? Renters and homeowners can search for property managers from the Zillow home page. Go to the “Property managers” link under Agent Finder and search by name or location.


Our property management office had one HotPads account and each property manager listed their information as the contact information. Can we do the same thing with Zillow Rental Manager?

Yes, you will still be able to have contact information specific to a listing and any additional rental listing with contact information matching yours will be visible in your account regardless of source.